Friday, August 31, 2012

Manuel López Obrador is still in the ring, and still slugging

"Mexico's (political) system is held captive by white collar criminals", says Manuel López Obrador, while hinting of coming attractions

Mexico City
Defeated Mexican presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador refused this morning to "recognize the vote buying" of July 1, and told the nation that he would press ahead with efforts to overturn the election results.

Last night a federal electoral tribunal ruled against a legal challenge which was filed by the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD), headed by López Obrador, only days after the ballots were counted. Mexican court rejects leftist bid to void presidential election; end of the road for PRD, AMLO. The candidate's legal options are now exhausted.

"I cannot accept the ruling of the TEPJF which validated the election," said López Obrador. "The election was neither clean nor free nor authentic. There were grave violations of our constitution and of our laws."

In his harshest denunciation yet of Mexico's political process, the fiery leftist told a press conference, "We have to respect our institutions, but the system is held captive by white collar criminals." López Obrador did not say to whom he was referring.

The candidate announced yet another PRD rally for Sept. 9, suggesting that acts of resistance to public authority might be on the way. He said that "civil disobedience is an honorable duty when it's applied against those who would steal hope and the happiness of the masses. Although they keep attacking us, calling us poor losers and crazy people, we'd rather put up with those insults than do anything to legitimize an unjust regime which is corrupt, and full of the complicity of many."

López Obrador added, "To recognize these election results would be a farce, and the betrayal of millions of Mexicans. Just as the other side is prepared to defend by any means a corrupt system, so we're prepared to do away with it, and to that end we'll show no quarter, nor yield any advantage."

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