Thursday, November 7, 2013

Are 1,555 drug war deaths a month encouraging?

MGR's view - Spin doctoring works well in any language

President Enrique Peña Nieto, today in Mexico City:

"En los últimos 11 meses, instrumentamos una política que pone acento en la prevención, pone énfasis en la coordinación, uso de mayor inteligencia para evitar la violencia, las cifras que al postre tenemos son alentadoras, lo he señalado ha habido una disminución sensible, ha habido una reducción de la violencia -

"In the last 11 months we have implemented policies based on crime prevention, which put emphasis on coordination (between law enforcement agencies) coupled with the wiser use of intelligence to avoid violence. And the stats are encouraging, what they indicate is that there has been a sensible reduction of violence."

Dec. 19 - Mexican Attorney General hands over domestic security reports to Associated Press
Oct. 25 - Drug war deaths on Enrique Peña Nieto's watch: 15,552
Sept. 23 - Narco violence leaves 10 dead after a baseball game in Ciudad Juárez
Aug. 31 - Mexico admits 52 daily drug war deaths in EPN administration - 12,598 through July 31
Aug. 28 - Más ejecutados en Gobierno de Peña
Aug. 27 - Mexican press: PRI government is lying about drug war deaths

Oct. 28 - EPN on Michoacán: "Parts of the state have passed into the hands of organized crime"

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