Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mexican security forces capture Gulf Cartel kingpin

Guadalajara -
Mexican army, marine, and federal police units today arrested Juan Manuel Rodríguez García, a man authorities allege is at the top of the Gulf Cartel's hierarchical structure.

Mexican National Security Commissioner Monte Alejandro Rubido García called Rodríguez García one of the principal leaders of the cartel in Tamaulipas, in charge of drug and human trafficking and allegedly responsible for the kidnapping of thousands of northbound immigrants, most from Central America. The victims were asked to work for the Gulf Cartel. If they refused, they were executed.

Rodríguez García was detained in neighboring Nuveo Leon state, where he had fled. In recent days a Los Zetas boss - the Gulf Cartel's bitter enemy in Tamaulipas - was also tracked to Nuevo Leon and taken into custody there. The rapid exodus of cartel leaders from Tamaulipas follows the government's May 13 announcement of a new security plan for the violent border state, which has included a heavy influx of federal forces. Feds announce security plan for bleeding Tamaulipas.

"Not a shot was fired during the operation," officials said. Rodríguez García was with his wife and two children when he was seized.

According to the government, the cartel boss allowed other organized crime groups to transport narcotics into the U.S. via the Tamaulipas border, but only in exchange for the payment of hefty passage fees.

Rodríguez García, 39, declared himself absolute leader of the Gulf Cartel in August 2013 after military units captured the then undisputed leader of the organization, Mario Armando Ramírez Treviño, in Rio Bravo County, Tamaulipas. Mexican army captures leader of Gulf Cartel. But not everyone recognized his self-appointment, leading to factional bloodshed within the cartel.

In a press conference today the security commissioner said Rodríguez García eliminated anyone who demonstrated resistance or opposition to his leadership of the Gulf Cartel.

In the past 10 days government forces have captured four of the 12 most wanted cartel operatives in the nation.

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