Saturday, July 26, 2014

Regional violence remains unabated in Michoacán, and spares no political party

Sicarios execute PRI municipal official

Guadalajara -
Mexico's embattled Michoacán state, a seedbed of organized crime activity for many years, was officially pacified in May. The Rural Defense Force, to the rescue in Michoacán. But yet than six weeks before, a prominent alcalde, or municipal government official, of the conservative National Action Party (PAN), was executed in broad daylight by sicarios - a narco execution squad. PAN national chair Gustavo Madero Muñoz responded, "There is no respect for life in Michoacán, nor a government".

Late last night the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) alcalde of Nuevo Urecho county, Arturo Alejandro Ramos, was shot down by unknown gunmen about 10:00 p.m. PRI is the ruling executive party of Mexico, headed by president Enrique Peña Nieto.

Police have no suspects and offered no motive. Michoacán has seen more executions of local government officials than any other of Mexico's 32 states during the nation's 91 month old drug war, and the trend continues even after its "pacification." Nuevo Urecho is home to about 25,000 residents.

In the past month almost 60 local police officers have been arrested in the state for links to narcotics trafficking. Michoacán, which enjoys a Pacific coast ingress and egress, remains a heavy producer of methamphetamine and synthetic drugs destined for northbound shipment to the United States. The liberal media source calls the state "among the most insecure and violent in the nation," and controversial autodefensa leader José Manuel Mireles, himself arrested on June 27 for publicly porting weapons limited to military regulars, accuses the federal government of having "destroyed" the state by its ill-considered policies.

The area where mayor Ramos was murdered is north of where the remains of U.S. adventurer Harry Devert were located earlier this month.

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More than a year after delivering these comments in Veracruz on July 25, 2013, president Peña Nieto is dealing with the same challenges in Michoacán. "Regrettably, parts of the state have passed into the hands of organized crime."

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