Sunday, September 28, 2014

National Action Party secretary assassinated in heart of Acapulco tourist zone

*Updated Oct. 18*
Acapulco -
The Guerrero state chair of Mexico's center right National Action Party was assassinated here about 9:00 a.m. today after stepping out of the El Mirador Hotel restaurant in the heart of the Acapulco tourist district.

Braulio Zaragoza Maganda Villalba was shot three times and died soon after.

The Guerrero Attorney General's office is investigating the case, but PAN officials have asked that a special prosecutor be appointed.

Today's assassination follows three bloody days in the southwestern Pacific state of Guerrero. Sept. 28, 2014 - Guerrero in extreme civil disorder.

Maganda Villalba was the second major politician to be executed in Mexico in less than a week. The first was in Guadalajara on Sept. 22. Kidnapped Jalisco federal deputy is found murdered.

Updated Oct. 18 - Zaragoza's murder was a contract killing solicited by a former member of his own state National Action Party Committee for "political reasons," the Guerrero attorney general reported this week. The member and his brother were arrested several days ago in Acapulco. Both had hoped to obtain appointments to local PAN posts. After apparently being rebuffed by Zaragoza they decided to take their revenge via an elaborate ruse which lured the unsuspecting state chairman to his place of execution. Several persons are in custody for conspiracy and homicide in the plot.

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PAN state party chairman Braulio Zaragoza Maganda Villalba, 35, executed by Guerrero pistoleros this morning after breakfasting at the touristy El Mirador.

Mexican headlines screamed out the bad news from Guerrero in Monday morning editions (Sept. 29)

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