Friday, September 28, 2012

Murder in Maxcanú:Yucatán State Police officer kills four

Town demands justice for victims cut down by agent's "jealous rage"

*Updated Aug. 22, 2014*
Maxcanú, Yucatán
A Yucatán State Security Police (SSP) officer described as an “elite agent” of the force murdered four persons yesterday after accusing his wife of marital infidelity. His whereabouts are unknown.

Luis Antonio Sansores Durán, a former soldier with eight years service on the Robbery and Assault Special Operations Group, shot and killed his wife’s lover, Luis Canul Chan, 38, and three of Canul’s family members in Maxcanú, a town about 40 miles southwest of Mérida. An SSP spokesperson said Sansores' duties have included running security details for high ranking state government officials.

Police gave this account of events:

Wednesday was Sansores day off and he spent the day at home. He and his wife quarreled over her recently discovered pregnancy. The officer, who underwent a vasectomy several years ago, accused her of an affair. Sansores threw his wife out of the couple’s residence, and she spent the night with a female friend.

Hours later Sansores went to Luis Canul’s house in the same neighborhood, argued with him and shot him several times. Canul died at the scene.

Canul’s 54 year old brother and 52 year old sister-in-law lived nearby, and came running at the sound of the shots. Sansores gunned down both of them. Juan Antonio Canul, the 85 year old father of Luis Canul, rushed to the scene, and he too was shot and killed by the SSP officer. All of the bodies were discovered by Juan’s wife. The events occurred about 4:00 a.m. Thursday (Sept. 27), police said.

Investigators seized two .9 mm handguns from Sansores' home, which may be SSP-issued service weapons. They took his brother into custody for questioning as a material witness. The officer’s wife confirmed she had been having an affair with Canul, and neighbors reported she was pregnant by him. They met in a Maxcanú restaurant, where both were employed.

The first victim, Luis Canul, was the youngest of eight brothers and was single. He was a self-employed baker who prepared his merchandise at home and sold it on the street, grieved family members said.

Luis Sansores Mián remains at large. The Yucatán prosecutor, Héctor Cabrera Rivero, said yesterday that the SSP officer may have fled the state. A warrant has been issued for his arrest and a search is underway, extending to neighboring Campeche.

Maxcanú is a small community near the Mayan archaeological site of Oxkintok (see map).

Oct. 2 - SSP yesterday confirmed the suspected special agent is Antonio Sansores Durán. The search for him is concentrated in Campeche and Tabasco states, where he has family members.

May 18, 2013 - Eight months after the murders, authorities still have not located Sansores Durán. Yesterday they asked Interpol to enter his name in the agency's Red Notice alert system.

Au. 22, 2014 - Almost two years after the event, Sansores Durán was captured this week in Chiapas state, where he was living under an assumed name.

Family members turned out early Friday for the victims' funerals, and some called upon Yucatán governor Ivonne Ortega Pacheco to see that justice is done in a case which has frightened and angered many.

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