Monday, November 12, 2012

Another American resident murdered in Mérida

In a déjà vu of the Robert Lee Wickard homicide, authorities theorize that the latest crime is also "connected to persons in the gay community"

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Mérida, Yucatán
For the second time in six months, a member of the city’s American expatriate community has died in a violent assault. Read the MGRR/Yucatan Times story here.

Nov. 14 - Two of Mérida's news services carried their first reports on the case today, three days after the murder occurred. The following is a summary of key points:

The crime displayed tintes pasionales - a Spanish euphemism for a violent event with sexual or romantic overtones. A quote from one report: "Las primeras líneas de investigación señalan que el crimen está relacionado con gente de la comunidad gay, aunque también se investiga el robo como posible móvil de este asesinato." Translation: "The preliminary investigation indicates the crime was connected to persons in the gay community, although robbery is also being investigated as a possible motive for the murder."

A second news story by the city's leading daily, Diario de Yucatán, reported that nothing of value was taken from victim Sam Woodruff's home after he was attacked. Discounting robbery as the probable motive, the paper suggested the murder may have been committed by a male prostitute. Citing the prosecutor's office and the medical examiner's post-mortem findings as sources, the Diario story said Woodruff was HIV positive. All peninsular press sources which have reported on the case, including several smaller publications which reprint local news accounts, concur that this was a sex-related murder, not a burglary, robbery or other common crime. That's clearly what prosecutors believe, too.

The 63 year old victim had lived in Mérida for a decade. The state prosecutor is reportedly tight lipped about the investigation. No one has been arrested. Neighbors heard screams from the Colonia Itzimna crime scene Sunday night and ran to the victim's aid, summoning police and an ambulance. Woodruff was stabbed five times. A knife wound to his heart proved fatal. American consular officials in Mérida are working with Mexican authorities to arrange for the repatriation of Woodruff's remains to the U.S.

Nov. 15 - Woodruff regularly had contact with male prostitutes, reported the news service today. The Yucatán state prosecutor is focusing on the "crime of passion" theory. This was the ninth gay related homicide in Mérida in 2012, most of which were carried out by prostitutes who attacked their clients. Robert Lee Wickard (stories below) had been the only American victim of gay violence until now, but Sam Woodruff may soon be added to the list of those who ended up paying a Mérida "sex servant" much more than the agreed upon price.

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  1. Interesting. Will be waiting to see the motive behind this one!

  2. Authorities have reportedly found a "hit" list of pedophiiles-sex tourists. A review of police records reveal the names of foreigners who have had "incidents" with "rough trade" -- hustlers who have been, tied up, robbed or blackmailed their "clients". Conservative elements in Yucatan society are making their way down the list ... several named people have left town, but others are still on it.

    1. Editor's note:

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      The apparent source for the reader comment above may be found in a Nov. 15 article here:

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    2. All of this "se dice" and "rumores" makes me sceptical. Who are these so-called conservative elements? Are those on their hit list only foreigners who have reported to the police that they've been tied up, robbed, and blackmailed by minor gay prostitutes?

      Prostitution has been alive and well in Merida for a very long time. Both gay and straight. Independent, semi-organized, and entrepreneurial. Some might call it sex tourism. Others might call it normal for a Mexican city the size of Merida. Not all prostitution involves minors. I would venture to say that the vast majority of prostitutes are of legal age. Granted, many prostitutes are probably younger than many of their customers. There probably aren't a lot of 65-year-old hookers making a decent living from their trade.

      I suspect that the whole picture is far more complex and involves a lot more than a simple list of foreigners' names compiled by "authorities" and some rough-trade teenagers from the Zocalo.

  3. Alec Stephens? Jose Martinez Salazar? Robert Wickard? Sam Woodruff? All were involved in "rough trade" with teenagers from the Zocalo and from sex tourism enterprises in town. Coincidence?

  4. An you know this from experience?You were their when this happened. You make strong statement. Please tell us how you know this.

  5. You know this how??

  6. Two more pedophiles who were part of the Brazos Abiertos/Villa Azul Merida crowd who were killed in 2012:

    JORGE ALBERTO CARRILLO FARJAT, 66, strangled on September 15, 2012

    CLAUDIO MARTÍN GÜEMEZ, 62, slain on March 6, 2012

    See police reports (public record) documenting teenage sex workers and the parties held by Brazos Abiertos vice presidents living in Merida 2009-2011.