Friday, November 30, 2012

Commando squad attacks Guadalajara suburban police unit, leaving two officers dead in early morning ambush

As November ends, police in Jalisco state remain in the bull's-eye - but who's targeting them?

Guadalajara -
Two police officers were killed early today when they were attacked in the suburban community of Tlajomulco de Zúñiga. The municipality is southwest of metro limits, about half way to Lake Chapala.

One officer was dead at the scene, and the other died a short time later after being carried to a local clinic. Two women and four men have been taken into custody for questioning. They were arrested in a bar which faces the crime scene, where they allegedly fled after the shooting.

The patrol unit had just pulled over a vehicle when some of the occupants jumped out and opened fire. About 20 .9 mm caliber shells were found at the scene, investigators said. The round is common in many weapons, including assault rifles. One officer was shot three times. Neither had time to return the unexpected gunfire. The assailants may have provoked the stop to lure in the police officers.

Police in Guadalajara and its environs have been repeatedly targeted this month. It's unclear whether the attacks were coordinated, or were carried out by the same group(s). Today's assault occurred not far from Jocotepec, on the shores of Chapala, where a heavily armed commando squad ambushed the police chief on October 27. Jocotepec is minutes west of the expatriate popular town of Ajijic. The chief and two escorts escaped injury, despite the fact that gunmen unloaded on them with AK-47s. Two young women were also arrested in connection with that case.

The former police chief of Puerto Vallarta in western Jalisco state was ambushed on Oct. 15 by a grenade and machine gun wielding hit team. He resigned less than a week later. No one has been arrested in connection with that attack, for which the Los Zetas drug cartel claimed responsibility.

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