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Cancún cops reject American coed's rape claim, but not before stripping the men she accused - of everything

Tourist was raped . . . kind of

Cancún, Quintana Roo -
Oh, the troubles in Margaritaville. They just don't end (Two Canadians, two Mexicans and a bar tab of $9,415).

An 18 year old American tourist reported she was raped by five Uruguayans at the Grand Oasis Hotel - the scene of many a sad tale - but the investigation will be dropped after the young woman told police she was on vacation, and could't be bothered by time consuming legal procedures. Especially ones in Spanish.

The curious facts of this case resemble another Riviera Maya adventure last summer, reported here:
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According to Quintana Roo's always reliable Por Esto, which is considerably more entertaining than the National Enquirer, the unidentified woman filed a complaint with the Q.R. prosecutor's Sexual Offense Unit, claiming she had been raped by five students from Montevideo, all aged 24 or 25, while lodging at the same hotel with them. She alleged the assault at the Grand Oasis went on for hours.

Tourist Police promptly arrested the young men and hauled them before the Public Ministry to answer her accusations.

The Uruguayans didn't deny having sex with the American, but they insisted it was consensual.

The woman flatly refused to submit to the standard rape kit examination, according to Por Esto. And her account of events changed significantly during her legal declaration to investigators.

The American first said she met one of the men while they were drinking in the hotel bar. After awhile she agreed to go up to his room, so they could "continue the party." But on entering she discovered the four others, who wanted to join the party. They "obliged her to have relations" against her will.

Under further questioning she admitted that she agreed to have sex with two of the men - insisting on condoms, she told police - but "only had oral sex" with two others.

Whether and why the fifth Uruguayan got left out altogether is unclear.

The senior investigator told the woman it was essential that she submit to a physical exam, but she declined, emphasizing that she was on vacation and had no time for such idle pursuits.

In the words of the newspaper, "It's unlikely the young woman was raped, since everything points to a voluntary encounter."

The Uruguayans, although they've probably been freed by now, are not any too pleased with their Cancún vacation. They told the press that police stripped them naked and seized $450 USD in cash.

Their clothes were returned for the mug shot, but they're still waiting for their money.

The moral of the story? Two Margarita limit at the Grand Oasis.

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