Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Putin says Snowden is still in Russia, but not really

Valdimir, "taken by surprise," rules out extradition

Guadalajara -
Russian president Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin - shown here in a cheesecake shot which detractors have ridiculed as a screen test for Playgirl - (enter that site at your own discretion) - admitted today that Edward Snowden remains in Russia - kind of.

"In effect, Mr. Snowden did arrive in Moscow. It took us all by surprise," Putin told the press during an official trip to Finland. But he said there is nothing Russian authorities can do.

"Snowden landed as a passenger in transit. He doesn't need a visa or any other type of document, because he remains in an international zone of the airport. He hasn't legally crossed the border into Russian territory. He is a free person and has the right to buy a ticket and fly anywhere he wants in the world."

Reacting to U.S. demands that Snowden be handed over, Putin added, "In any case, we can only turn over foreigners to those countries with whom we have a formal extradition treaty. And with the United States we have no such treaty."

Putin rejected accusations by U.S. officials over the simmering controversy as "absurd," and denied that Russian security services have interviewed the former NSA security contractor. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who has been busy making the talk show rounds since Snowden's Sunday arrival in Moscow, argues that Russia has a duty to surrender the fugitive under "international customs and norms." Putin clearly intends to ignore the demand.

Interviewed by CNN last night, U.S. Senator John McCain (R. Az.) said, "Putin is an old KGB boy. Those guys never change, they know just how to play it."

Next stop, Quito.

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A look inside where Snowden is holed up at the Moscow airport:

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