Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ambush of Mexican army leaves 11 dead near Acapulco

Chichihualco, Guerrero -
Drug traffickers attacked a Mexican army unit in rugged central Guerrero state on Friday, and the ensuing gun battle left 11 persons dead.

Authorities said an infantry batallion on duty in Military Zone 35 stumbled upon a field of opium poppy under guard by the men, who opened fire on the troops. They responded, killing 10 of the assailants.

A 25 year old lieutenant also died and two other 50th Infantry Batallion soldiers were wounded. The gun battle occurred in Leonardo Bravo county, a dozen miles from the state capital of Chilpancingo. The area is about 70 miles northeast of Acapulco.

Organized crime attacks on security forces are common in the interior of Guerrero state. On Feb. 6 gunmen ambushed a police patrol in the same vicinity, leaving nine officers dead. Citizen self-defense forces have replaced regular police in many communities, but some are hostile to the presence of military units. Civilian militias stop Mexican army near Acapulco. Others are said to be supporting a Jalisco based drug cartel which is active in the state.

In March Spain warned its citizens to stay out of the Guerrero interior and to exercise extreme caution in Acapulco, where six vacationing tourists were raped in a beach house on Feb. 4. Spain issues new warning for Mexico.

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