Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"Peña Nieto completely under the control of Obama," says MORENA official during Guadalajara recruitment

MGR video report -
The far left National Regeneration Movement looks for new members in Jalisco, but finds few

"The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers" - Henry the Sixth, Wm. Shakespeare:

Oct. 2 - MORENA did not march today. It's recruitment tent is still present in downtown Guadalajara, but the local party worker in attendance offered little information on upcoming events. Meanwhile, in what was supposed to be a coordinated labor protest, striking school teachers from CNTE forced the closing of about 200 of Jalisco's 11,243 primary and secondary schools. That's less than 2%, and it matches the fizzler on Sept. 11.

Oct. 7 - López Obrador calls for campaign of protest and civil disobedience over PEMEX reforms
Sept. 23 - Energy reform debate opens in Mexican Senate, with grave warnings of "foreign takeover"
Sept. 21 - "The fix is in" on energy reform, says AMLO
Sept. 21 - Andrés Manuel's vision for Mexico
Sept. 20 - Without energy reform, Mexico will need more than half a century to reach U.S. output
Sept. 19 - Mexico's Left determined to shackle the nation to the past
Sept. 11 - National labor strike fizzles in Guadalajara and elsewhere

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