Friday, January 24, 2014

Florence Cassez will tell her story on the big screen

Guadalajara -
French national Florence Cassez, released from a 60 year prison sentence by Mexico's Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) one year ago yesterday, is ready to let the world know all about her experience with Mexican criminal justice.

In Paris today she told a French TV station that a movie is in the works and a director already has been selected. Cassez was interviewed promoting her new book, roughly translated as "Innocence cannot be jailed." She told the station she is still recuperating from her long ordeal, and is trying to "turn the page" and move on with her life.

Cassez, 39, was arrested in December 2005 and charged with being a key member of the notorious Los Zodiaco (the Zodiacs), a now defunct gang which specialized in kidnapping ordinary Mexicans off the street and holding them for ransom. She spent 85 months in prison until a narrowly divided panel of the SJC voted 3-2 to release her on legal technicalities, the primary one of which was the failure of Mexican prosecutors to promptly notify French consular officials of her detention.

Cassez married last July.

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