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Naked Justice of the Peace, city cop: sex in parked car is "normal and common" in Yucatán

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Mérida, Yucatán -
MGR has never had the pleasure of visiting Temax, Yucatán (marked at the top of the map). But it did once suffer through the agony of an afternoon trip to Ticul (bottom of the map) and will not soon repeat that experience. All Mayan named hamlets are now on the permanent DO NOT VISIT list.

It seems as though last week a Temax black-and-white, on routine patrol at a late hour, stumbled upon the town Justice of the Peace and a city police officer (both males) having sex "on the public way," but a stone's throw from city hall. The policeman is from a neighboring community with the unpronounceable name of Dzoncauich (no wonder Spanish explorers tried to eradicate Maya).

There have been no consequences for either, and that has a few residents upset, who complained that it's "shameful for city employees to have been involved in such immorality." But by no means did everyone agree.

Some locals who were interviewed by a peninsular news source opined that "the judge has every legal right to have sex with whomever he wants, that's normal and commonplace in these parts." And they added, "when it comes time to dispense justice in the courtroom, he does it in strict accord with the requirements of the law."

Here's a candid shot of His Honor (perhaps it's State's Exhibit 1) preparing to act in strict accord with the requirements of the law (albeit sans judicial robes). Thank God for Canon Speedlites.

The Justice, by the way, has already announced his defense. The men, he insists, stopped along a dark stretch of road because both needed to urinate, at which point the prowler happened to pass by. And as everyone surely knows, it's an old Yucatecan custom to completely disrobe before voiding.

On a more serious note, and a heads-up to tourists and long-term residents alike: in Oxkutzcab, just down the road from Ticul, there have been numerous reports in the local press recently about gang violence and drug trafficking in town. Today's edition of Diario de Yucatán reported that the city has requested assistance from regional military forces - rather unusual in this normally tranquil part of the state. A healthy alertness would be advisable for anyone traveling through the area.

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