Saturday, August 31, 2013

"A Mexico at peace, with quality education for all . . .

A Mexico recognized and respected around the world, where nobody is left behind" - Peña Nieto

Guadalajara -
August is over, and the president of Mexico is probably relieved. It's been an exceedingly difficult month for Enrique Peña Nieto, with bad news arriving on all fronts: domestic security, economics, and endless labor disputes with school teachers and their hard nosed unions. Here are clips of what he'll tell the nation Monday. His message is likely to be a very hard sell, but he's constitutionally required to deliver it to the new legislative session of congress. Peña has served 9 months of a 72 month term.

Sept. 2 - Peña Nieto delivers his first state of the union address

Aug. 31 - Bank of America Merrill Lynch: Mexico in huge economic hole; looming "risk of recession"
Aug. 25 - Civilian militias soar, with citizen police now patrolling 50 counties in 13 Mexican states
July 25 - "Regrettably, parts of the state have passed into the hands of organized crime"

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