Friday, August 16, 2013

Mexico claims drug war deaths are plummeting

. . . but it may not sell everywhere

Guadalajara -
Mexico's secretary of government Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong claimed today that drug war deaths in July fell to their lowest level since the Enrique Peña Nieto administration took office Dec. 1.

Osorio Chong, who is Peña Nieto's most powerful cabinet officer and frequently speaks for the nine month old PRI government, said the slightly more than 800 deaths connected to organized crime violence last month dropped to a level not seen since 2009. Based on current numbers he predicted that August would reflect an even more dramatic decline. Osorio Chong spoke in Campeche on the Yucatán peninsula, at a regional security meeting covering Mexico's southeast military zone.

Mexico's drug war, which was launched by former president Felipe Calderón in December 2006, is in its 80th month. Osorio Chong attributed the progress to "better coordination between federal and state security forces."

"At the beginning of this administration we found ourselves with a recent history, on average, of 1,600-1,700 deaths per month attributable to organized crime activity," said Osorio Chong. "Now we're down to just over 800. This month, I think, we'll continue the decline and see numbers not reported for three or four years. We're convinced that our approach is yielding results."

The administration has been bragging for several months about allegedly precipitous declines in drug war deaths. But in the face of chronic instability and mounting violence in states like Michoacán and Guerrero, the murder of a Mexican vice admiral by cartel gunmen on July 28 and the rise of civilian militias in areas where local police are corrupt, outgunned or simply nonexistent, not everyone is convinced that progress is being made. Sen. Patrick Leahy blocks $95M in Mérida Initiative funds.

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These death numbers don't add up, complained Guadalajara's El Informador in a May 27 story.

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