Friday, August 2, 2013

Guadalajara police officers die in double execution

*Updated Aug. 5 - two more officers die*
Guadalajara -
Two investigators for the Jalisco state prosecutor's office were executed early this morning in an ambush at a major intersection on the city's east side.

The senior of the two officers, 43, was a 16 year veteran of the department and was assigned to homicide investigations. The subordinate accompanying him, 41, had served on the force since 2008. Both men were pronounced dead at the scene shortly after the 7:00 a.m. attack. Police said they were probably on their way to work. Sicarios, or hired hit men, were waiting for them.

The ministerial agents were ambushed at the intersection of Belisario Domínguez and Circunvalación, in Colonia Belisario Domínguez. At least 10 witnesses were eating breakfast at an outdoor restaurant across the street when the events unfolded. They told police that while the officers' car waited for the traffic light to change, two vehicles pulled up beside it and a heavily armed assault team got out. The gunmen surrounded the car and strafed the occupants with at least 30 rounds, fired from point blank range. The pavement was littered with expended .9 mm and .223 cartridges, investigators said. "We heard shot after shot," a witness told them. The assailants fled immediately in their own vehicles.

Police said the officers had no chance to draw their own weapons, and were killed almost instantly. The engine was still running and the headlights on when first responders arrived. A spokesperson for the state prosecutor's office offered no motive nor identified suspects during a brief press conference.

Police and public officials are not infrequently organized crime targets in Guadalajara and throughout Jalisco state. Area police chief executed in Guadalajara Metro Zone. Last weekend three federal employees were found murdered in a Guadalajara suburb. Many gangland slayings are never solved.

In April Guadalajara's mayor noted that efforts to beef up municipal security had not produced desired results. "I'm worried about security", he said. Following a brutal attack on a local businessman who had just withdrawn over $11,000 dollars in cash to meet his payroll, officials admitted last week that not enough officers are on the street. Common crime, Guadalajara style.

U.S. analysts predicted more than a year ago that Guadalajara would become a new battleground in Mexico's 80 month old drug war. On Feb. 4 the Jalisco prosecutor said competing cartels and gangs are "heating up the plaza," as they struggle for control of the drug trade and collateral crime.

The victims' vehicle was towed from the scene with the deceased officers still inside

Aug. 3 - Citing confidential sources, Guadalajara's El Informador reports this morning that one of the local cases assigned to the murdered officers was the Mar. 9 execution of the Jalisco Secretary of Tourism - another organized crime hit. Drug cartels behind three recent Guadalajara attacks.

Aug. 5 - In Ahualulco de Mercado, northwest of Guadalajara metro, two police officers were executed in an ambush about 4:30 a.m. today. The victims, 43 and 55, were strafed by a commando team as they patrolled the small community. Both were dead at the scene, where over 200 expended AR-15 and AK-47 cartridges were found.

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