Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mexico's Cámara de Diputados - a House out of order?

Catfights and deputies in jockey briefs, all over PEMEX reforms

Guadalajara -
Mexico's lower federal legislative body is the Cámara de Diputados. It's 500 members are the direct equivalent of the United States House of Representatives.

In both chambers raucous members are from time to time admonished with the always reliable, "the House will be in order." In fairness to U.S. legislators, disruptive behavior is rather less common north of the border than it is south.

Raucous behavior, by the way, may include referring to a male deputy as la señorita or la diputada. For those not familiar with the mysteries of Romance languages, the la and the terminal a in Spanish plainly indicate a person of the female variety, but not everybody respects the grammatical rule. Gay activists protest outside PAN headquarters in D.F.

A female PRI deputy (see how many more letters it takes just to clarify gender in English?) claims one of her eyes was almost clawed out by a female PRD deputy during last night's Cámara session. You can see a photo of la diputada Landy Berzunza here. Fittingly, perhaps, it was Berzunza's left eye which was the subject of the alleged assault.

"She attacked me with her fist, with an open hand, with her nails - that girl gave me all she had," said Berzunza in colorful reference to her PRD assailant. All of this just outside the legislative chamber.

Another PRD member appeared at the Cámara podium last night stripped to his jockeys - looks like they were Fruit of the Loom - and was greeted by more than a few boos. Perhaps if he were in a little better shape his PEMEX rhetoric might have been more warmly received by the very divided deputies.

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