Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Not much democracy in "Democratic" Revolution Party

Two expulsions follow PEMEX vote

Guadalajara -
The National Executive Committee of Mexico's far left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) wasted no time in meting out the maximum punishment on members who voted in favor of the just passed PEMEX reforms, which officially were declared adopted by the nation's federal congress today.

PRD began expulsion proceedings against two state assembly deputies who cast affirmative votes on the constitutional amendments, which sped through the Senate and House of Deputies last week and had been ratified by 26 of Mexico's 32 states as of this morning, thus opening PEMEX to private capital investment and foreign technical expertise. Only 17 state votes were necessary for the amendments to become law.

The two PRD state deputies who voted affirmatively on the reforms were both women, Dolores Porrás of Nayarit and Hilda Chang Valenzuela of Sonora.

A ranking PRD official confirmed the expulsion proceedings were ordered at the highest levels of the party, in punishment for the aye votes. The decision of the PRD leadership was unanimous, he said.

PRD and leaders of Mexico's other far left parties have called legislators who supported the PEMEX reforms traitors to the nation. The political Left hopes to rescind the amendments in a proceeding before the Supreme Judicial Court, or through a special repeal vote in July 2015. Mexican leftists go to court to stop PEMEX reforms.

"Hilda Chang broke ranks with PRD," said a party functionary, who added that she was being removed "so she can't continue hurting us by voting against our interests and those of the people."

PRD says it will no longer cooperate with Mexico's two centrist parties, the National Action Party and the Institutional Revolutionary Party, on future legislation. "The Pact for Mexico is dead."

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Leftist coalition activists at a Manuel López Obrador rally, May 2012, Mérida's Monument to the Flag

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