Sunday, February 16, 2014

Basque terrorists arrested in Puerto Vallarta

*Updated Feb. 18*
Guadalajara -
Two members of Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA), the armed wing of the Basque National Liberation Movement whose members seek political independence from Spain and France and have waged a campaign of European terror for decades, have been arrested in Puerto Vallarta.

Juan Jesús Narváez Goñi and Itziar Alberdi Uranga were taken into custody by Mexican federal security forces early this morning on international warrants, according to a statement released today by authorities in Madrid.

The couple, who have been fugitives for 22 years, are alleged to be responsible for at least 18 murders and were the most sought members of ETA.

According to this encyclopedic source, since 1968 ETA has killed over 800 people, injured thousands and carried out dozens of kidnappings. Spain, France, the United Kingdom, the United States and the European Union all have labeled ETA a terrorist organization.

The Spanish National Police learned the suspects were living in a clandestine Basque community which took refuge in Vallarta some time go, according to two Mexican media reports this afternoon.

Narváez Goñi is alleged to have personally killed SNP officers over the years.

Feb. 18 - Some interesting additional details about this case have surfaced. Narváez Goñi and Alberdi Uranga had lived in Puerto Vallarta for six or eight years, according to neighbors and acquaintances, and were the parents of two children, 19 and 17. They led a quiet, unassuming existence in Colonia La Moderna, were considered "very educated" and "never had problems with anybody." She was a yoga instructor, according to a friend. Not surprisingly, the couple lived under false identities. One person told a reporter, "Their door was always closed; no one ever saw the inside of the house." Both have already been returned to Spain, where they'll have plenty of legal problems on the plate.

Itziar Alberdi Uranga, in federal custody after her arrest.

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