Friday, February 21, 2014

Sex on the Beach* - at Puerto Vallarta, of course

At solving murder and mayhem, PV police are not so successful - but with REAL crime, they're pros

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco -
Everything happens in Vallarta.

If you're in the right place at the right time, you can see a free machine-gun-and-grenade show in Old Town.

Or the arrest of much wanted European terrorists, on the lam for more than two decades.

Or mayhem and madness featuring Canadian women - who are forever getting into trouble in Mexico.

And although Puerto Vallarta police may not be very good at solving serious crimes, like the murder of a U.S. citizen last August or the gangland execution of two Guadalajara attorneys in the heart of the tourist zone last October, they sure nailed this one cold HOT. From a Feb. 19 arrest report:

"Detained for sex on the public way. At 00:50 hours (12:50 a.m.) today, this department received reports that below the Rio Cuale bridge in Colonia Centro two naked women were seen engaging in sexual relations. On arrival at the bridge officers observed the suspects in flagrante delicto, advising them to get dressed immediately or they would be arrested for violation of municipal ordinances against public indecency. The women became very aggressive. They were taken into custody and later identified themselves to officers as M.K. and J.K, both 28 and both Canadian passport holders. After booking they were turned over to the Municipal Judge."

The report doesn't detail how they were taken into custody, or if they were dressed at the moment.

The women were punished with a small administrative fine, it appears, undoubtedly less than the cost of an evening of cocktails along the boardwalk. They have not announced the date or time of their next public performance.

*Another recipe, involving alcohol and not people:
2 parts (40ml) Vodka
1 parts (20ml) Peach schnapps
2 parts (40ml) Orange juice
2 parts (40ml) Cranberry juice

June 20, 2013 - Puerto Vallarta sweats through the dog days of summer

Everybody's welcome in Vallarta . . . but sex on the beach is not allowed

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