Thursday, October 18, 2012

Guadalajara area police commander in grave condition after early morning organized crime hit

Open season on police continues in Jalisco state

*Update below*
Guadalajara -
A police commander assigned to suburban Zapopan was attacked by one or more gunmen this morning, after dropping his daughter off at her neighborhood school. The events occurred in Colonia Talpita.

The officer is reported in serious condition at a local hospital. It's not known how many times he was shot, but investigators found 15 ejected .9 mm shells at the scene. Nine millimeter weapons are routinely used by drug cartels and organized crime groups in Mexico.

This morning's attack against a police commander was the second in Jalisco state in the last 72 hours. Puerto Vallarta police chief survives hand grenade attack; Los Zetas take credit for assault.

Oct. 19 - Despite the 15 rounds fired at him, the officer is alive. He was hit four times in the chest, and remains in critical condition.
Oct. 26 - Another Zapopan police officer, shot and killed by unknown assailants early this morning.

Jalisco "musician" arrested with huge arsenal, including grenade launchers

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Oct. 11 - Jalisco homicides remain unabated in September
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