Saturday, October 20, 2012

Puerto Vallarta police chief resigns

And who can fault him, with the city presenting Baghdad-like security issues?

Guadalajara -
Five days after Puerto Vallarta's police chief narrowly survived a Los Zetas execution squad, he has announced his resignation from the department.

Roberto Rodríguez Preciado told a press conference hours after the brazen hand grenade and machine gun attack that he would not give up his post. Rodríguez served as chief for less than three weeks.

But in a terse press release, the department said Rodríguez decided to step down so that prosecutors could conduct a free and uninhibited investigation of the case. There have been rumors and accusations from some quarters that the chief was involved with organized crime forces, and was targeted when he refused to continue cooperating with them. No evidence of such claims has been offered by anyone. Rodríguez firmly denied them.

A subordinate of Rodríguez has been named the department's acting chief.

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