Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Student protesters in Michoacán show their true colors

Opinion - Fellow travelers of YoSoy 132 prove they like to beat up cops

Guadalajara -
Students at three teachers' colleges in the state of Michoacán, right next door to Jalisco, have been protesting in recent days over curriculum changes - specifically, new requirements which mandate courses in English and computer science (both indispensable in the modern world, most educators would agree). The students objected, complaining their schools were intended to prepare teachers for education in remote rural areas, where such skills (according to them) are of much less importance.

The protesters began to completely take over the campuses last week, seizing buildings, equipment, machinery and vehicles, and setting property afire. On Monday the state sent dozens of police onto the campuses to retake control, and a full scale battle erupted. Even in riot gear several officers were injured, a few seriously. This was one of them.

And who is standing by the side of these protesters, wishing to express proud solidarity with them? YoSoy 132, the same folks who believe in changing government by bullying and ceaseless fraudulent misrepresentations - not by votes cast at the ballot box. Truly, YoSoy 132 has demonstrated that it's utterly contemptuous of democratic processes.

A footnote: What do you do if you want political power, and you can't win it by any legitimate means? Just follow this tried and true recipe for totalitarianism: "The first step in the revolution by the working class is to raise the proletariat to the position of the ruling class, to win the battle for democracy." (!) Das Kommunistische Manifest (The Communist Manifesto), 1848, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

Oct. 18 - Michoacán authorities have taken into custody 49 of the rioting students, who have been charged with the U.S. equivalents of theft and criminal destruction of property. They did considerable damage on all three campuses. Repair and replacement costs will divert economic resources from more worthy purposes.

Oct. 23 - A contingent of masked YoSoy 132 loyalists today invaded headquarters of the Michoacán state delegation in Mexico's Federal District, and took control of the premises while demanding the release of eight of the rioters. Witnesses described them as "loud and aggressive." Employees were prevented from leaving, and YS cut electric power to the offices. The siege continued for about four hours. Look for more of this activity by YoSoy 132 as Dec. 1 approaches, when the president-elect will be sworn in. Demandan a encapuchados por irrumpir en sede de Michoacán en el DF.

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This YoSoy sister in Mérida proves that she's already mastered basic English . . . maybe that's why the Michoacán students don't want to waste their time studying it, either. Like her, they already know the most important words.

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  1. And these thugs want to teach Mexican children? Lousy example as to how to settle disputes. What are going to be like when they graduate?