Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Narcos know where to invest: in Mexico's City of Peace

Guadalajara -
In early 2011, municipal and state leaders were thrilled to announce that Mérida, the capital of Yucatán state, had been chosen as a World City of Peace. Not the only one, to be sure, but one of a handful worldwide.

Ratings were based upon a variety of factors, but a low crime rate was the most critical in the selection process. The state excels in that department. Moreover, with one dramatic exception, the region has been spared the worst horrors of Mexico's 70 month old drug war.

The ultimate goal of the drug cartels is to seize political power, a Rand Corporation security expert told a U.S. Senate panel last July, but in the meantime, they know exaclty where to park some of those billions in illicit profits. Read the sordid details here.

Nov. 2 - "Wave of prostitution" hits Mérida, with high-tech girls
Oct. 25 - The drug dealer in pinstripes
Oct. 24 - Mexico's Organized Crime Strike Force searches Mérida residences of narco queen

Routine traffic stop in Mérida yields "Boss of the Plaza"
Political power is ultimate goal of Mexican drug cartels, says U.S. security expert
Yucatán a haven for Mexican fugitives
Yucatán - and half of Mexico - belong to Los Zetas, says deputy attorney general
U.S. intensely focused on Yucatán security in 2008-2009

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