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The Second Amendment, NRA leave their mark in Mexico

MGRR Opinion -
"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed"
- U.S. Constitution, Amendment II
National Rifle Association executive vice-president and CEO Wayne LaPierre, the very public face of NRA, is often in the cross-hairs. An armed principal in every school, he urged Americans on Dec. 21.

Jan. 18 - "Fast and Furious" arms were involved in shootout which killed Miss Sinaloa
Dec. 25 - Death toll in Jalisco-Michoacán violence rises to 28, including 13 police officers
Dec. 24 - Christmas Eve narco violence wracks Jalisco and Michoacán, leaving 7 police officers dead
Dec. 16 - The NRA's Wayne LaPierre has the blood of Connecticut students on his hands
Dec. 16 - El País asks, "¿Quién desarma a EE UU?" - Who will disarm the United States?
Dec. 14 - Mexico doesn't tolerate private firearm ownership - by anybody
Nov. 29 - U.S. guns may have killed Miss Sinaloa
Sept. 20 - U.S. Inspector General files Fast and Furious Report
Mar. 4 - In Cancún, Los Pelones happily deliver drugs by taxi and death on demand
Mar. 1 - U.S. guns play key role in Mexico's raging drug war
Feb. 16 - "Dear friends in the United States - please, no more assault weapons to Mexico"

By-standers "accidentally killed" by machine gun fire in Cancún, Quintana Roo, Dec. 29, 2011

Volley ball players cut down by AR-15 and AK-47 fire in Culiacán, Sinaloa, Nov. 4, 2011

A street in deadly Michoacán state

Unidentified - like thousands of others

Ambulance crew and critical care patients, machine gunned to death on a Juárez street - Dec. 2011

A brutal day in Ciudad Juárez
Saturday, March 10, 2010 was a bright, clear, sunny day along the south Texas border. Lesley Ann Enriquez Catton, 25, and her husband Arthur H. Redelfs, 30, both residents of El Paso, Texas, planned to attend a birthday party just across the Rio Grande in Ciudad Juárez, often called the most dangerous city in the world. Lesley was an employee of the American consulate in Juárez, and Arthur was a 10 year veteran of the El Paso County Sheriff's Dept. Each weekday morning Lesley made the trip across the international bridge to her job at the consulate. Lesley and Arthur had a nine month old daughter, and she was four months pregnant with their second child.

Shortly after they drove away from the afternoon birthday party, hosted by a consulate co-worker, the young couple noticed they were being followed. They sped up, but the pursuing vehicle kept pace. They made a dash for the bridge, just a few short blocks away, but they couldn't quite reach it. Armed assailants pulled along side them and let loose with bursts of assault weapon fire -- AK-47s and AR-15s, the guns of choice for cartel hit men. Lesley and Arthur died at the scene after their car crashed into a curb. Their daughter, safely secured in the backseat, survived unscathed.

About the same time a Mexican police officer named Jorge Alberto Salcido Ceniceros drove away from the same birthday party with his own children. Jorge was married to another U.S. consulate employee, a Mexican national, who was following him in her car. Blocks away he too was pursued and executed by a hit team. The children were uninjured.

U.S. ICE agent Jaime Zapata, executed by Los Zetas gunmen on a Mexican highway, Feb. 15, 2011. His partner Víctor Ávila, although severely wounded, survived. Both were sprayed with assault weapon fire by the hit team - AK-47s and AR-15s. The guns had been legally purchased in Texas - of course.

Just another funeral - one of 60,000 since December, 2006

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Dec. 18 - NRA spent $24 million in the 2012 campaign to advance pro-gun causes and candidates

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