Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Mexican easily outruns the Kenyans at Guadalajara's 29th Marathon - all 42.195 kilometers of it

Guadalajara -
Kenyan Benjamin Kiplimo Metto runs faster than some people can ride a bicycle. Today he zipped through 26+ miles of Guadalajara's 29th annual marathon in 2:23:13, averaging almost 11 miles per hour and posting a 3.39 kilometer. But it wasn't quite enough for first place. Metto captured fourth, a full five minutes off the winning time posted by Veracruz native Tomas Luna Dominguez (2:18:03). Two other Kenyan runners took second and third place.

When he crossed the finished line, Dominguez looked like most people do at the end of a two or three mile jog. A light sweat but little more evidenced what his body had just done. The elite runner smiled broadly, shook a few hands and disappeared . . . probably to prepare for tomorrow's training.

Kenya's Metto, who is also elite status, told MGR he runs three or four marathons a year, as well as many shorter course events. Below are images of amateurs, pros and some of the many entertainers who kept marathoners motivated during the grueling event. The last runner in crossed the finish line 5 hours and 49 minutes after the 7:00 a.m. post time . . . and will feel every second in the week ahead.

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