Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mexican immigration service deports U.S. national facing pedophilia sentence in California

He requested asylum in Mexico

Guadalajara -
Mexico's National Institute of Migration (INM), the federal immigration authority, has announced the deportation of a 55 year old California man who is wanted on a child sex abuse conviction in a state court there.

Mark Robin Davis was arrested in Puebla where he'd sought employment at a local gym. U.S. authorities learned of his whereabouts and notified INM agents, who took Davis into custody at a hotel where he was living. Officials did not say how Davis was located in the first instance, but it was most probably through an electronic passport scan at his port of entry.

Davis is wanted for sexually abusing a 14 year old girl, according to Mexican press sources. Records indicate he has already been tried and convicted for the crime, but it is unclear why he was not in custody. He may have been awaiting sentencing, or he may have been on conditional release while appealing his conviction.

An internet search discloses a person of the same name from Prunedale, California with an August 1958 birth date, a registered California sex offender convicted of rape by force or fear. His previous aliases include Frank Thomas and Frank Robin Thomas. No other details of the case were available.

Prunedale is in Monterrey County, near Salinas.

After Davis was taken into custody by INM agents, he asked for political asylum. His petition was denied after several hours of consideration, and he was returned to Houston for ultimate delivery to California authorities.

Davis' case is the second occasion in less than four months that Mexican authorities have deported alleged or convicted U.S. pedophiles within 24 hours of their detention.

Mark Robin Davis, in an undated photo apparently maintained by the California Dept. of Corrections

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