Saturday, October 19, 2013

Guadalajara attorneys were carrying a million pesos in cash when they were executed in Puerto Vallarta

But investigators say the money was legit

Guadalajara -
The plot has thickened in the case of two Zapopan lawyers who were shot to death in Puerto Vallarta's tourist district early Thursday morning, in a machine gun ambush which has all the hallmarks of a well orchestrated organized crime hit. Narco execution in P.V. tourist zone claims two Guadalajara brothers.

Investigators in the local Public Ministry have revealed that a briefcase containing almost a million pesos was found in the trunk of the men's Volkswagen, which was riddled with dozens of 7.62 mm AK-47 rounds. That sum is the equivalent of about $78,000 USD at the current exchange rate (12.85).

Prosecutors disclosed yesterday that the men were in town to serve legal documents and carry out a real estate eviction at a hotel, and may have met with, or tried to meet with, other persons involved in the transaction shortly before they were attacked. Puerto Vallarta execution victims were attorneys.

Public Ministry agents offered an explanation for the cash. The attorneys, who were associated with a Zapopan law firm which specializes in real estate matters, were also in town to handle the registration of land titles on several other properties. They purportedly had collected filing fees from the owners of those properties, and planned to deliver the funds together with necessary legal documentation to the Puerto Vallarta land title office the next day. Such transactions are not uncommonly handled in cash, even when large sums of money are involved. But so are extortion payoffs and underworld obligations.

The Ministry's criminal investigation continues. Prosecutors have not suggested a probable motive or identified suspects, nor have they revealed particulars of the hotel in question or its local operators.

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