Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mexico City police attacked by anarchists; Guadalajara students march under the Red Banner

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"Power to the Workers! Defeat the burgeois repression of PRI, PAN and PRD"

Guadalajara -
Wednesday was a day of marches in Mexico, and not all of them were peaceful.

The largest was in Mexico City, where tens of thousands gathered for a commemoration of the 45th anniversary of the so-called Tlatelolco massacre. On Oct. 2, 1968, hundreds of student protesters and bystanders were killed by military forces unleashed by former Institutional Revolutionary Party president Gustavo Díaz Ordaz, for reasons which yet remain in dispute. The exact number of dead and injured is unknown, but the incident has never been forgotten. It serves as an annual rallying cry for opposition to whatever regime happens to be in office, and especially to PRI governments.

There were other demonstrators in the capital today as well. Striking CNTE school teachers followed yesterday's performance with an encore, and they plan to do the same once again tomorrow. One of their number is facing attempted murder charges after brutally beating a Federal Police officer during Monday's march, leaving him in a coma. Radical teachers' syndicate returns to Mexico City streets.

Then there were the anarchists - that's the name they proudly gave themselves. Hundreds of hooded or masked rioters, most of them appearing young, hurled Molotov cocktails, rocks, bottles and other objects at police lines, seriously injuring dozens of officers and bystanders. Many remain hospitalized tonight, as Mexico City's long agony with vicious civil disobedience continues.

In Guadalajara, the nation's second largest city, things were much quieter. About 250 college and high school age students marched peacefully and orderly in memory of the Tlatelolc victims. They made no secret of their political beliefs, which included unconditional support for: CNTE; the Fourth International (note their banner above with the image of Leon Trotsky, taken some years before he was assassinated by Stalinist agents in Mexico City for being a "deviationist"); Cuba; Vietnam (the one that won the war against the "imperialistic United States") and generally all things Red. Red as in politics, not colors. Striking teachers, MORENA, YoSoy 132, New Trotskyites - strange bedfellows, all, deploying throughout Mexico to resist legitimate political authority whenever they disagree with it.

Oct. 3 - The reported tally from yesterday is 107 persons arrested and 32 police officers injured, some seriously. Anarchists in Mexico City, October 2, 2013

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