Monday, November 10, 2014

Acapulco International Airport under temporary siege

Guadalajara -
Mexican anti-riot police confronted family members and loved ones of 43 missing college students at Acapulco's International Airport (AIA) today, in a fizzled protest which only slightly impacted flight operations for about three hours.

"Nobody's coming in, nobody's going out," said the father of one student, all of whom are presumed dead, although their remains have yet to be identified by authorities.

Protesters armed with machetes, rocks, clubs and in some cases with what appeared to be homemade bombs arrived at the scene, most with covered faces. Some carried signs which read, "Fuera Peña" - "out with Peña Nieto." But they were blocked by Federal Police.

Officials later permitted demonstrators onto airport grounds, where they were permitted to conduct a peaceful protest march.

Interim Guerrero governor Rogelio Ortega Martínez said there would be "zero tolerance" for violence at AIA and in tourist hungry Acapulco, still reeling from years of narco violence in the troubled state.

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A similar message in Mérida's Grand Plaza, June 3, 2012, a month before national elections which catapulted the now troubled PRI president into office - MGR

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