Thursday, November 13, 2014

Gender change in Mexico's Federal District gets easier

Guadalajara -
Leftist majorities which control Mexico City's local legislature easily passed a bill today which will simplify the process of officially changing or registering one's gender in the Federal District, the first legislation of its kind in the nation.

By a vote of 42-0, with six abstentions, the full assembly eliminated the requirement of a judicial proceeding in favor of a simple administrative process.

The measure was advanced by the far left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) and the Workers' Party (PT), although it enjoyed the support of the center left Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), which holds Mexico's presidency.

Center right deputies of the National Action Party (PAN) were mainly opposed.

Before the floor vote the District's Committee on Vulnerable Groups reported out the bill favorably, arguing that it "guarantees to all the right of recognition of his or her gender before Civil Registry officials."

The Committee's chair told legislators that "in place of a judicial proceeding there will be an administrative one, where applicants can stop by the Registry with photo ID and make the change in minutes, with a minimal cost that anyone would incur in seeking a copy of their birth certificate."

The Federal District was the first jurisdiction in the nation to legalize abortion and same sex marriage

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