Sunday, November 2, 2014

Mexican Catholic Church lashes out at political parties, including the "false Left"

Continuing social and political disarray in Guerrero is the focus

From today's lead editorial in Desde la Fe, the voice of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Mexico City. Translated from the original Spanish and edited for brevity/clarity:

"The worrisome situation ripping apart Mexico is the product of social inequality, corruption, a grossly deficient educational system and the lack of values. Our economic situation has made us a dysfunctional society. Only a small percentage of our people enjoy the lifestyle of the First World, while 50% of the nation lives on the edge of poverty, with the barest necessities. And millions of others are consigned to extreme misery.

"If we bear in mind that the real purpose of our political parties is to advance programs which will deal with social problems and to offer candidates who will make the necessary changes, we are compelled to conclude that in Mexico all of those parties have failed. Their goal has not been to seek the betterment of society, but rather the accomplishment of their own personal interests. Our parties are justifiably held in low esteem by the masses, because the politicians have betrayed our citizens, converting campaigns into exercises of pure demagoguery, treating their obligations as elected servants frivolously and focusing on their public image rather than on the welfare of their constituents.

"On this stage we encounter, too, the parties of Mexico's false Left, which should be the first in their commitment to the nation's most underprivileged - but in reality have most damaged the country. It's enough to recall a previous administration of the Federal District [PRD Gov. Marcelo Ebrard] - the most corrupt which the capital city has had to endure - and which in place of sound economic and cultural policies advanced laws against life and against the family, attempting in the process to demonstrate that it was modern and at the political vanguard. That government was more interested in advocating the use of bicycles in our chaotic capital than in dealing with its insecurity, or helping its hundreds of impoverished, forgotten barrios whose residents are hostages of an organized crime which the current leftist administration [PRD Gov. Miguel Ángel Mancera] dares not call by name.

"State leftist governments have delivered the worst results, and here are some of their victims: Michoacán, Zacatecas, Guerrero and Morelos. Laying aside their obligations to citizens, they have distinguished themselves not only for their ineffectiveness, but for outright alliances with criminals, whether due to political impotence or mere convenience.

"What has happened in Guerrero has been exposed for all to see, and has put to the test our political system. If we don't do something soon, it will be too late."

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