Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Peña Nieto blames "destabilization forces" for Iguala massacre fallout

A rough week in Los Pinos, with some ominous statements by the prez

Guadalajara -
An increasingly impatient Mexican president today accused "social destabilization forces" of plotting to undo the political and economic reforms which have been the hallmark of his now almost two year old Institutional Revolutionary Party administration. 2013 was the year of Enrique Peña Nieto.

Speaking at an event in the State of Mexico (Edomex), Peña Nieto claimed "there are elements which want to undermine the national projects we have undertaken. But they are not going to stop us," he added.

More than six weeks after 43 students were kidnapped and presumably executed in Iguala, Guerrero by corrupt police on the payroll of a regional drug cartel, many communities remain convulsed by the event, with severe economic consequences.

Referring to protests and often violent demonstrations which have particularly affected the southwestern states of Guerrero and Oaxaca, Peña Nieto warned yesterday that "force is the ultimate recourse, but its use is legitimate when every other approach has been exhausted."

"There is a limit to tolerance, especially when the rights of others are involved," he added.

The president is also under continuing public pressure as a result of embarrassing revelations made Nov. 9 by a prominent Mexican journalist, who disclosed that Peña Nieto's wife, Angélica Rivera, purchased the couple's 15,000 sq. ft., $7 million USD Mexico City mansion with a mortgage loan provided by a company which profited from huge government contracts when Peña Nieto was still governor of Edomex (2005-2001). Angélica Rivera: a makeup man aboard, a gala Beijing dinner.

Today Peña Nieto promised that Rivera would soon "clarify" details of the controversial transaction.

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