Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dengue Fever roars on in Yucatán and all of Mexico, rising almost 300% since 2011

Almost 1,700 state cases diagnosed, nearly half of them the most serious variety

A major intersection in one of Mérida's most well-maintained and heavily traversed areas, along the historic Paseo de Montejo, shows what most streets look like after just an hour or two of rain. This pedestrian crosswalk over a busy underpass was opened less than a year ago, but it was almost inaccessible when the photo was taken (April 17, 2012). Standing water provides ideal conditions for the mosquitoes which carry Dengue. Hundreds of city streets have no modern storm sewers.

*Updated Feb. 13, 2012*
Mérida, Yucatán -
Mexico's national health control and epidemiological center reports that 1,698 persons have been officially diagnosed with Dengue fever in this state, of whom 916 present with "classic," or standard, symptoms. Another 782 people are sick with hemorrhagic Dengue, which is far more serious and the type most likely to be fatal.

In the past week alone the local tally has risen by 180 cases, the sharpest upturn in 2012. Yucatán easily leads Mexico in Dengue infections, followed by the neighboring states of Quintana Roo (Cancún) and Campeche. The institute also announced that for the first time a very aggressive form of the disease has been diagnosed in Veracruz state.

Feb. 13, 2013 - Mérida is no longer Dengue capital of Mexico, after falling to fourth place. In the first five weeks of the year health authorities reported 1,061 confirmed cases nationwide - 706 with classic symptoms and 355 of the more serious hemorrhagic type. Of those 17.6% were on the Yucatán peninsula. The top five states with number of cases: Guerrero (209), Veracruz (118), Michoacán (106), Yucatán (92) and Quintana Roo (89). In Yucatán 51 cases were classic and 41 hemorrhagic.

July 26 - A Mexican federal health agency reports that nationwide, Dengue fever has skyrocketed by 281% since 2011. As of July 24, 10,086 cases have been diagnosed in the country, including 6,837 of the classic and 3,249 of the hemorrhagic type. Women are slightly more susceptible to the milder version (55%), and men more commonly fall victim to the aggravated one (52%), which can lead to death if not treated promptly.
July 30 - A Mexican senator today called upon the federal government to issue a nationwide alert for Dengue. So far, only Yucatán and Tabasco states have done so.
Oct. 6 - Mérida has mobilized against Dengue Fever, according to a local press source, to confront the "imminent danger on the streets." An army of 600 federal, state and city workers, together with boy scouts and other "conscripts," is focused on cleaning up abandoned tires, containers and other trash which may harbor mosquitoes. Yucatán has reported 3,800 diagnosed cases of both types in recent days, 2,280 of which were in the capital city.
Oct. 18 - Dengue has claimed an eight year old boy in Kanasín, part of metropolitan Mérida.

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July 13 - Cuban cholera outbreak has Yucatán health authorities on high alert
March 10 - Yucatán the Dengue capital of Mexico, government agencies say

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