Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mitt Romney's "Mexican connection"

But it won't do him any good, according to the latest Latino poll results

In a 30 second campaign spot narrated by the presumptive GOP nominee's son, Craig Romney says, "I want you to know how my dad thinks about things. He greatly values the fact that we're a nation of immigrants. My grandfather, George, was born in Mexico. For my family, the greatness of the United States is that we all respect and help one another. As president, my father will work for a permanent solution to immigration issues with the leaders of both parties."

Romney has released eight previous Spanish language commercials, although he has been far outspent in that market by president Obama's re-election campaign. Experts say that in 2012 more money will be invested in ads targeting Spanish speaking voters than in any previous presidential election.

Bad Latino poll news for Mitt Romney
Many analysts argue that today no one can be elected president without winning at least 40% of the Hispanic vote -- an indication of the enormous power of that voting block. In 2008, Arizona senator John McCain only managed to capture 31%, although he was fairly popular with Latinos. Obama ran away with 67%. This year, the numbers are even more drastic. A poll of 504 registered Hispanic voters taken earlier this month suggests that 70% plan to vote for the president, as compared to 22% for Romney. Other poll details are here: Obama se aleja de Romney, según encuesta; Hispanos pueden decidir las elecciones en EU.

July 25 - Obama has 44% advantage over Romney among U.S. Hispanic voters

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