Tuesday, July 24, 2012

PRI urges chemical castration for rapists

Sobering rape statistics from south of the border

Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) representatives in Mexico's lower legislative chamber, the federal House of Deputies, are proposing optional chemical castration for convicted rapists in this country.

Under the measure, which is still being studied, an offender could cut his sentence in half by advising the court that he wanted to submit to the treatment. Rape carries a 5-15 year sentence in Mexico, which the deputies want to increase to 10-30 years as part of the same bill.

PRI president-elect Enrique Peña Nieto has not publicly commented on the plan.

Government sources say about 450,000 rapes occur every year in Mexico, which has a population of about 112 million people. That's roughly one victim for every 250 persons.

The population of the United States is nearly three times that of Mexico (314 million in 2012). In November 2009, CBS News reported that 90,000 Americans were raped in 2008, and estimated that another 75,000 other cases were not reported to authorities. Assuming the accuracy of those four year old figures, and applying them to the current U.S. population, approximately one of 1,903 Americans is a victim of rape. Mexico would thus appear to have a reported incidence of rape 7.6 times greater than the United States.

July 24 - El PRI, por la castración química a violadores

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