Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 in review: selected topics and posts

(Note to readers: This post is "under construction," so to speak, and I'll be adding links to it occasionally. As of December 31, 2011 this Blog and the MGRR supplement had over 450 posts, and it's a challenge to link even the primary stories I've reported on. Thanks for your patience, and check back periodically for new links).

1. Mexican drug cartels prove they're utterly "without scruples."
52 killed in casino attack:;
Horror in Veracruz:;
Narco terror strikes Guadalajara on Thanksgiving Day:;
Hit men execute ambulance crew, sick patients - another day of madness in Juárez:;
A nightmare without end:;
The daily obscenities of Mexico:
No mercy, even for children -
Four year old dies
11 year old executed:;
Mom, teenage daughters murdered in route to family Christmas gathering:;
The beast in the cave:

2. Are they headed our way?
Los Zetas in Chicago:;
"El Chapo" Guzmán grows his grass in Illinois, Wisconsin:;
The vanishing border:

3. What drives narcotics trafficking?
Americans get stoned, Mexicans die:;
Obama acknowledges "shared responsibility:"

4. Full extent of U.S. involvement in drug war is revealed - and it's not pretty.
64,000 weapons in cartel hands, courtesy of U.S.A.;
"It should never have happened:";
U.S. agents launder dirty profits for drug cartels, and even offer convenient bank deposit service:;
When does the cop become the criminal?

5. Mexico gets ready for 2012 presidential election.
A bird's eye view of Mexican politics:;
PRI's Great Hope, Enrique Peña Nieto:
Andrés Manuel López Obrador:;
Mexico's Franklin Delano Roosevelt?;
"I'm not the lady of the house:"
"Disgusting, detestable, lawless" PRI:

6. A modern legal system comes to Mexico. It's about time.
In Mexico you are used to be Presumed Guilty:;
Lawyers gear up for the new system:;
Oral trials arrive in Yucatán:

7. Will Los Zetas destroy the economy of Mexico's Riviera Maya?
Who's running Quintana Roo, anyway?;
300 Q.R. businesses fold in 2011, facing ubiquitous extortion:
Can promotion of gay wedding industry check rising Los Zetas effect?

8. How safe is Yucatán?;
The Private who embarrassed his Commander-in-Chief:

9. Cuba. It's time to:
Swap prisoners, and bring Alan Gross home (en español):;
Start doing what we tell others to do:;
Listen to the U.N., which we supposedly respect and support:;
Toss this 51 year old piece of junk into the Florida Straits:
Judy Gross tells Barack Obama, "Forget politics and bring Alan home:"

10. What impoverished country is this?;
No health insurance for 50 million Americans:;
How much are we going to ring up on the credit card?;
Has the social contract been broken?

11. A message for Mexico, and maybe some others, too.

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