Monday, January 23, 2012

Human Rights Watch, reloaded (yawn . . .)

Or, "Why HRW still doesn't get it"

If you're wondering why I haven't reported on HRW's latest blistering condemnation of alleged human rights violations by Mexican military forces in the 61 month old war against the drug cartels, it's because I've already thoroughly addressed those issues. The massive HRW exaggerations and distortions, regurgitated again amidst much fanfare during their international conference in Cairo this week, is a yawning repetition of themes they peddled last fall. Too bad those folks remain profoundly ignorant of the most elementary drug war facts.

As Mexican president Felipe Calderón put it so well last November, "Criminals present the greatest threat to human rights."

My previous response to Human Rights Watch (and some others):
Why the Calderón strategy has been the right one:
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Mexican government releases official drug war death tally January 11:
Stats on complaints of human rights violations against Mexican armed forces:

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