Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Josefina Mota promises "full force of the law" against crooked Mexican politicians

Candidate supports up to life in prison in public corruption cases

In a CNN interview with the PAN pre-candidate, published today, Mexico's only female presidential hopeful came out swinging against deeply-rooted political corruption which many believe is endemic here. Josefina Vázquez Mota acknowledged that there are politicians with illicit ties who "sell territory and conduct business" with organized crime.

"It's necessary that the law be enforced without distinction, without privileges or benefits, against anybody involved in criminal activity," said Mota.

"Any politician who is so involved is going to be held accountable, and is going to feel the full weight of the law. We're going to see to it that the police do their job and public officials do theirs. Politicians who are charged with attending to the welfare of the people and who abuse it by becoming part of organized crime, for sure they are going to be dealt with," said the candidate.

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Mota again confirmed her support for the drug war strategy launched by president Felipe Calderón in December 2006, and said that she would keep the armed forces at the forefront of the anti-cartel offensive until Mexico's nearly half-million state and municipal police officers have been reconstituted, retrained and weeded of corruption. And as she did two days ago, Mota said she would move the drug war into a second phase by placing greater emphasis on local security forces and core institutions, such as the court system (Josefina calls for second phase in drug war, with focus on local police, courts).

"Our plan is to return security to people, to return the peoples' parks to them, to return their roads and highways to them, to return (safety in) the night to them," added the candidate.

Mota is a former secretary of education in the Calderón administration. PAN preference polls conducted by Mexican media sources over the past month have shown Mota to be a favorite with 40-61% of party regulars. Two other PAN pre-candidates, Santiago Creel and Ernesto Cordero, are in second and third place. The National Action Party will select its 2012 nominee in February. Mexico's presidential campaign season officially opens March 30, and the election is July 1.

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