Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Los Zetas behind more than half of cartel kidnappings, says government agency

Mexico's Secretary of Public Security (SPS) reports that 52.8% of all drug cartel kidnappings in recent years have been the work of Los Zetas. Another cartel, La Familia Michoacana, was responsible for 32.5%, according to SPS in a report published yesterday.

Organized crime kidnappings, often for ransom, are a major problem in Mexico, exceeded only by extortion. Total kidnappings in 2011 were 115% greater than in 2010, and 300% greater than in 2009. SSP estimates that at least 30% of them were directly associated with narcotics trafficking and related cartel crimes.

SSP said that since the drug war began in December 2006, military and police forces have managed to free 1,587 kidnapping victims.

Kidnapping may be punished by up to life in prison under Mexican law.


  1. do you know which report stated this?

    1. The ultimate source was the Secretary of Public Security, as stated. This story is five months old, so unfortunately I can't give you a link. But in all probability the report was quoted either by the Milenio network or El Universal, or perhaps both.

    2. Oops . . . I just noticed that the story is 17 months old, not five. It was published Jan. 3, 2012.