Monday, March 5, 2012

Felipe Calderón to Joe Biden: "We're partners, yes; but stop weapons flow and money laundering"

Permit me to speak candidly, Mr. Vice President . . .

An official communique issued by Los Pinos, Mexico's White House, summarized Felipe Calderón's 90 minute meeting today with U.S. vice president Joe Biden: "(Mr. Calderón) recognizes the measures undertaken by president Barack Obama to confront organized crime which operates internationally, but at the same time he reiterates the need to take strong action against the flow of weapons into Mexico, and the laundering of drug profits."

Before leaving Mexico in route to Central America, Biden emphasized that the United States will not support any movement towards drug legalization. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano said the same thing when she was here last week.

U.S. guns play key role in Mexico's drug war, says Calderón
"Dear friends in the United States - please, no more assault weapons to Mexico"
U.S. agents help Mexican drug cartels launder millions in drug profits
Mexico denies knowledge of DEA money laundering operation
When does the cop become the criminal?

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