Friday, March 2, 2012

American student who was nearly killed in Cancún tells his story to NBC Today show

Hotel never reported brutal assault, and two years later the case remains unsolved, with no suspects. Ordinary crime, or the work of a drug cartel?

I stumbled upon this report shortly after posting the article immediately below. It was broadcast this morning on the NBC TODAY show. Don't miss this video. It will show you what can happen in Cancún (and did to this unfortunate young victim):

U.S. State Dept. Mexico travel warning: (

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  1. I saw the story, but it seemed to be slanted. Was the kid falling down drunk? Did he pick a fight with other drunks?

  2. Barry, I didn't see the report live this morning but I've watched the video clip three times. From a journalistic perspective, I don't anything which strikes me as even remotely "slanted." When you suggest that the victim was perhaps "falling down drunk" or that he maybe he "picked a fight with other drunks," that is 100% speculation on your part correct? Tell me if I'm wrong . . . or do you claim to have some facts that NBC did not? Sorry, in the absence of some evidence to the contrary, I'm not going to indulge the presumption(s) that you apparently are prepared to accept. That indeed would be "slanting" the story, to use your words.

    Thanks for writing.

  3. Second sentence should be "I don't SEE anything . . ."