Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sunny Mexico brings woes to amorous but misbehaving French

"Wasting Away in Margaritaville" - and where are my CLOTHES, by the way?

Pity the poor French. Trouble seems to follow them from their Gallic homeland all the way across the Atlantic to Mexico's sunny shores.

La francesa Florence Cassez, as Mexico's press calls her, traveled here several years ago to spend time with her Mexican boyfriend. She's spending time, alright. Time as in 60 years, for kidnapping and several other crimes. Her last ditch appeal goes before Mexico's Supreme Judicial Court next week. Were I her, I wouldn't book my return flight to Paris-Orly just yet. (Cassez case ignites controversy: : ).

Now there's trouble of a whole different type over in Cancún. It seems as though earlier this week a group of young American women, spring breakers all, decided to go out on the town one evening and party until the wee hours. A 22 year old from New York joined them. The group went to some clubs, drank, danced and did what young people do. As the coed with the joysey accent (I'm imagining) later told authorities, "I remember we were dancing, and having a good time, and then we met some guys from France . . . and then, the next thing I knew, I woke up and it was morning. But I wasn't in my own room. And I didn't have any clothes on." She also reported discomfort in her . . . private areas. I'm wondering how that account sounds once translated into proper and severe legal Spanish.

The unfortunate visitor and her friends made a full report to the Public Ministry (that's kind of a cross between a police station, the prosecutor's office and night court) and recounted the sad tale of her unforgettable night in Cancún. Actually, it was all very forgettable; apart from the recited details the young woman didn't remember much of anything. Not even the physical description of her romantic French suitor, who undoubtedly was quite charming while still on the dance floor.

The sex crimes unit of the Ministry is investigating, but with a complainant who can testify to so little, I suspect nothing much will happen. One more case of a spring breaker who threw caution to the wind and se alcoholizó with wild abandon.

The pleasant ending to this story is that what happens in Cancún stays in Cancún.

Spring Break nears, but U.S. students are not headed to Cancún:

Enjoy Jimmy Buffett's classic Margaritaville

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