Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Southern Zetas" operating in Cancún's hotel zone, say Quintana Roo authorities

News from the "zona hotelera"

Cancún, Quintana Roo --
Quintana Roo authorities earlier this week announced the arrest of two sureños-zetas, a/k/a "southern Zetas." Apparently Los Zetas affiliates working on the Yucatán peninsula are now regarded as a distinct subset of the larger organization, although they're still very much allied with the main drug cartel.

These two were boyfriend and girlfriend, 17 and 22 years of age, and were nabbed at the entrance to Cancún's ritzy hotel zone. Police say they were halcones (hawks), whose sole assignment was to monitor and spy on the movements of police and military personnel. That cannot bode well for security in the area, where more and more halcones have surfaced of late.

The male member was more than a little aggressive during his encounter with police, they say. "Don't mess with us if you don't want problems; we're the Sureños and we work for the Zetas," he told them. There are probably hundreds more just like these two in the city. Halcones receive less pay than "regular" Zetas since they're mere spies, but authorities say they're attracted to the work since it makes them feel like they're "in the big leagues."

Mar. 7 - He's still in jail, but the 22 year old woman (below) was released. Then on Mar. 3 she was detained by Cancún authorities again. The woman was riding around in a taxi, they say, trying to recruit new halcones to work with Los Zetas; in fact, she admitted that she's the "head recruiter" (perhaps since her boyfriend is indisposed at the moment). The woman was released within hours for lack of evidence to support a prosecution, but press sources say she promptly returned to the street. Taxi drivers are not infrequently on the margins of drug trafficking, and at times even violent crimes.

Aug. 20 - The Los Zetas spy network in Cancún is operated with and through local taxi services. The purpose and function of these hired or impressed-into-service halcones is to keep track of police and military movements in the city, especially in and near the sprawling hotel zone, where Zeta street distributors are constantly peddling drugs to visitors. A local paper has been filled with articles of late, claiming that 90% of taxi drivers are involved with the Zetas on some level, transporting functionaries from one place to another, keeping alert and passing along information, etc. Here's just one of many.
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Crimen arrasa con el gremio taxista:
Los Zetas, al mando del sindicato de taxistas:
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