Thursday, February 9, 2012

Campaign 2012: presidential poll shows only slight movement after PAN primary

López Obrador says the election is "not a beauty contest"

Mexico polls at least as much as the United States does during a presidential election year, so I'll post results from time to time. After the PAN primary last weekend (Feb. 5), the numbers moved only slightly. According to Consulta Mitofsky, one of the major national polling firms, as of today they are:

PRI - Enrique Peña Nieto: 40%
PAN - Josefina Vázquez Mota: 24%
PRD - Andrés Manuel López Obrador: 18%

I watched a news clip of López Obrador today, where he referred to both of his opponents as "very attractive" candidates (in the physical sense), almost as if he was acknowledging his lack of flash. Then he added the beauty contest comment. It's impossible not to like the PRD nominee. His sincerity and complete lack of pretense are charming, and powerful in their own understated way. I have no doubt the man has a real social conscience. Every country should have a "leftist" candidate, as he is referred to here. But his firm insistence on removing the Mexican armed forces from the drug war make him a nominee who just is not in touch with the reality of that overriding issue.

López Obrador says no more drug war role for Mexican military:
Will López Obrador spoil someone's July 1 party?:

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