Wednesday, February 15, 2012

El Gran Amante - The many romances of Enrique Peña Nieto, back in the spotlight

"He takes them to heaven, but leaves them in hell"

*Updated Jun. 3, 2013*
Just on the heels of the PRI presidential candidate's own very public confession to more infidelities than J.R. Ewing, the author of a new book tells us to hang on -- there's a lot more coming.

I posted on Enrique Peña Nieto's recent no-holds-barred interview with the Mexico City newspaper El Universal on Jan. 24.

But yesterday (Feb. 14 - Valentine's Day, how appropriate) Mexican author Alberto Tavira published a 150 page love exposé of the Institutional Revolutionary Party's (PRI) 2012 presidential standard bearer, entitled The Women of Peña Nieto. The glaring headline in Mérida's main daily today was simple and to the point. "Addicted to Women."

"He needs women," writes Tavira. "He's addicted to the feminine sex. Women feel happy when they're with him. He takes them to heaven, but later leaves them in hell."

According to a press review, Tavira interviewed an entire stable of Peña Nieto's females for the book, including "girlfriends, lovers (apparently there is a distinction in Mexico, which escapes a gringo like me), wives (only one is still living, so the plural reference is unclear), daughters, stepdaughters, his sisters and even his mother. Phew. That's a lot of women opining on one's love life.

Referring to Peña Nieto's intimate relationships, Tavira says that each of the interviewees had "her own distinct remembrance. For some he was the perfect lover; for others an unfaithful traitor. In the final analysis it appears that Peña Nieto is a man of flesh and bone, with goods and bads."

Alberto Tavira also says that the affairs which Peña Nieto disclosed in his newspaper interview last month are probably just the tip of the iceberg. "Those weren't the only ones, and the others won't linger long in revealing themselves," the tattletale author predicts.

Regarding Mónica Pretelini Sáenz, Peña Nieto's first wife who died suddenly in 2007, Tavira says that she was the candidate's biggest supporter. "She was the president of his fan club, even after she learned of his extramarital relationships and his two illegitimate children, because she wanted to help him realize his life long dream of becoming Mexico's chief executive."

Peña Nieto met his current wife, soap opera star Angélica Rivera (divorced with three children) when they worked together in early 2008. Their office relationship soon turned romantic and they married in November 2010. Now Rivera is Peña Nieto's "shadow," writes Tavira, constantly at his side on the campaign trail.

Jun. 3, 2013 - Enrique Peña Nieto sued for child support by ex-lover

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