Sunday, February 19, 2012

Shawn Jeffrey W.'s 15 minutes of fame - and his only 15, at least on this page

Everybody, listen up: Shawn in Lucerne, California hates Los Zetas!!!

Which of you readers can tell me who coined the phrase "15 minutes of fame"? You all can, of course. It was American pop artist Andy Warhol (1928-1987). RIP, Andy.

But this post has nothing to do with Andy. This post is about -- and is written for -- Shawn. Mainly with the hope that he'll take mercy on me (please, God, please).

Who is Shawn? Shawn is Shawn Jeffrey W. (his last name shall here remain only an initial), of Lucerne, Calif. I wouldn't know Shawn if he knocked on my door right now and offered to take me downtown for beer (the Carnival is in town here in Mérida -- Carnival as in Mardi Gras -- so they'll be selling Sol, Dos XX and such on the street until the wee hours of the morning). Then how do I know of Shawn's existence?

Because Shawn has been writing to me on a regular basis over the past couple of weeks. Shawn, who apparently is a new(er) reader of this Blog, hates the Los Zetas drug cartel, and he wants to let me know it, you know it and the WHOLE WIDE WORLD know it.

In obscenity-laced after obscenity-laced "Anonymous" Comment (the same message, a template, with all of his personal information, including SS#, California vehicle tag, DOB, but no e-mail), which he dutifully deposits on any and every MGRR post even marginally dealing with the head removal surgeons known as Los Zetas, Shawn challenges the Zs to BRING IT ON! He's ready to WHUP THEIR BOTTOMS! (he uses a more colorful word). In short, Shawn wants to use this Blog as his official vehicle for publicly advising his detested adversaries of his warlike intentions against them, and his preparedness to do battle anytime, anyplace, but especially right there in the 'hood around Lucerne, California.

When Shawn realized after his first dozen or so messages that I wasn't going to approve them (whoever invented Comment Moderation is a very intelligent person), a creative brainstorm hit him. He would do an end run around my moderating, by leaving his hate mail for Los Zetas in Spanish! Ooops . . . Shawn hasn't figured out yet what language I spend most of my day working in. But your Spanish is not bad, Shawn, not bad at all.

By the way, Shawn's first choice for unlimited, unpaid commercial advertising was not me, but the Los Angeles Times, closer to his home. But of late the Times has been reading my editorials about their editorials, so they referred Shawn's business along to me, as a kind gesture of gratitude.

So Shawn, here you go, this is the only free ad copy you're ever going to get from me:

¡Zetas, watch out! Sheriff Shawn of Lucerne, California is gunnin' for you. You'd better clear out of town, while you still can. And take those AK-47s with you while you're at it . . .

Why the L.A. Times just doesn't get it:

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  1. Regrettably, this post didn't work. I just heard from Shawn again -- another boilerplate "Anonymous" Comment, with all of his particulars given, and more threats directed at Los Zetas. This time it was half in Spanish, half in English. If he switches to French I'll approve it, no questions asked.