Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Forbes Magazine cites Mexico Gulf Region Reporter (MGRR) and asks, "Are Mexican Voters Ready For Their First 'Presidenta'?"

MGRR stands up and takes a bow (even though no one asked us to . . . )

Forbes Magazine (editor-in-chief Steve Forbes) is an influential and respected U.S. biweekly that focuses on business, politics and myriad other topics. It's first edition was published way back in 1917. You'll find Forbes in corporate boardrooms, and on the desks of many professionals as well.

I was pleased to note an article published two days ago (Feb. 6) by Forbes columnist Caroline Howard, who regularly writes about women's issues. The article is entitled Are Mexican Voters Ready For Their First Presidenta?, with a subtitle of "Josefina Vázquez Mota has a fighting chance to win the Mexican presidential election not in spite of her gender, but because of it." You can read Caroline's piece here.

The best part (in my objective opinion) is that one of Caroline's URL links is to the Mexico Gulf Region Reporter (MGRR). You'll find it at the bottom of page one, where she refers to the "messy love life" of PRI candidate Enrique Peña Nieto. Now I understand why my recent post on the Ken Doll candidate (Peña Nieto Bares All) shot to the top of the most popular column. Hundreds of Forbes readers have dropped by to check out that post (and many others as well). From the content of Caroline's article it looks like she has been following MGRR rather closely, especially my political stories, and most especially those dealing with the always interesting and colorful PRI nominee.

MGRR is your best source of English language news anywhere on Mexican domestic politics, and particularly on the impending 2012 presidential election. In just over five months, MGRR has posted on its main and supplement pages almost 600 articles concerning these and many other fascinating subjects. All of them are researched and written personally by me, and they're based exclusively on local, regional, national and sometimes international Spanish language news sources (usually two or three sources for each post). Unlike so many news blogs and webpages, I don't upload someone else's article or analysis, "cut and paste" and then conveniently appropriate it for my own use. My content always has been and always will be mine, completely original and designed to give readers critical information and a unique perspective not otherwise available in English. That's why many other news blogs and webpages regularly read MGRR and rely upon its stories and reports to create their own. MGRR covers key news from Mexico ahead of the pack, and will always endeavor to do so. Check back daily for fresh content.

My thanks to MGRR's loyal followers. If Forbes is reading us, we must be doing something right.

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