Thursday, May 17, 2012

Struggle against drug cartels and organized crime will be his legacy, Felipe Calderón says

"Mexico is a friend, an ally and a partner"

Cancún, Quintana Roo --
In an interview today with CBS News travel editor Peter Greenberg, producer of The Royal Tour - Mexico, president Felipe Calderón defended his administration, which will come to a close on Dec. 1. "We acted just in time," he said. "There had been corruption, a lack of official concern, but in the years ahead our law enforcement agencies will be fighting for justice for all."

"We're fighting so that Mexicans will be more secure. Future generations will look back and remember that this administration began the battle to achieve true security. We expect to see the fruits of our efforts in the years ahead. It's not been easy, the work has been difficult. As I've said from the very beginning of my term, it's going to take time as well as financial resources."

Acknowledging that more than 50,000 lives have been lost in what some have derisively referred to as Calderón's drug war, the president said he greatly regretted the deaths of so many. "But at the end of the day, Mexico is changing, overcoming its terrible problems. Mexico will be the secure place that we all want it to be, and that will be part of my legacy," he told Greenberg during an interview in this resort city.

Calderón offered a parting message for the United States, too.

"The message is simple: Mexico is a friend, an ally and a partner of the U.S. We need to strengthen our relationship, collaborate on matters of common interest and assume joint responsibility for the problems we share."

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